Plumbing Trade Test

Plumbing Trade Test

Do you dream of becoming a qualified plumber? Have you been working as a plumbing technician or assistant for 3 years in South Africa? Then you likely qualify to write your plumbing trade test. Turn your dream into reality with Nomanzi Trade College where you can practice and prepare for your ARPL and Red Seal plumber’s trade test.

Price and duration of preparation and plumber’s trade test.  

  • The ARPL and preparation training for plumbers requires 10 workdays.
  • The plumbing trade test price is R12500 in Pretoria and R14500 in Cape Town.
  • Your final test is conducted over 2 workdays.
  • You must pass all 5 modules.
  • You receive 2 further attempts to pass failed modules.
  • Subject to an additional cost and prior arrangement, Saturday classes are available.
  • Students who pass their trade test may use the Nomanzi Trade College feedback report to register with the PIRB. Only PIRB-licensed plumbers may issue a plumbing COC (certificates of compliance).
  • Register and apply online for your plumbing trade test.

Plumbing Red Seal examination tasks.

Plumbing candidates must complete these tasks successfully during the Red Seal trade test:

  • Cut, bend, and assemble copper piping.
  • Install a basin, shower, and water closet (flush toilet).
  • Install a below-ground drainage system.
  • Install a GMS gutter and shoe.
  • Install a high-pressure geyser according to SANS10254 standards.
  • Install a push through geyser.
  • Make and install a GMS chimney flashing and vent pipe flashing.
  • Mark out and cut sheet metal.

Plumbing Red Seal exam preparation.

  • Assesses your skills, techniques, and knowledge of specific plumbing installations.
  • The preparation course includes the Recognition of Prior Learning test (ARPL).
  • We iron out any installation uncertainty and skill gaps and prepare you for the trade test in a fully equipped plumbing workshop. 
  • Based on the NAMB practical examination modules you will perform step-by-step installations according to national safety standards and plumbing regulations.

Contact us if you have any other questions or require a quote. Visit our FAQ page for answers about qualifications, when applications are open, class times, meals and accommodation, the need for preparation, and when you’ll receive your Red Seal certificate.

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